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Green Service Standard "GS2" Registry

GS2 Registrant Search
Locate a GS2 and view each individual’s contact information and the GS2's training credentials.

The Registrant Search is an independent clearinghouse in support of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 600, Title 40 published on 2014-07-01 "Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Rating" and Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act ( S.C. 1992, c. 36 "EnerGuide Label for Vehicles" as an open exchange of information.

COMPLIANCE VERIFICATION: (1) A list of all current personnel by name and job description who are required to be trained; (2) Hands-on and classroom instruction that addresses initial and refresher training in the topics listed at and .

GS2 Registry Update
Use this on-line form to automatically update GS2 contact information.

Code of Conduct and Standards
GS2 code of conduct includes training certification standards according to EPA, OSHA, NFPA, and qualified product manufacturers, and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence "ASE" Training Certified Green Spray Coater Program.

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Green Service Standard Registry
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Registered Professional Engineers
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888-374-7475 (Toll Free Phone)
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